Project Management








The principal aim of the project management is to enable postgraduate students to improve all aspects of project management in the modern business. The course underlines the importance of understanding the relation between projects and the strategic goals of the organisation.

Learning Objectives:

Postgraduate students are enabled to identify and analyse all aspects for a successful project including business model, profit and loss statement, risk management, cultural differences in international projects, governance approach and conflict resolutions.

Weekly Topics:

  1. Introduction and overview of the course
  2. International project
  3. Strategy implementation and project management
  4. Project management structure and team
  5. Managing conflict and communication
  6. Organizational structure
  7. Financial statements
  8. Estimation of project times and costs
  9. Project scheduling
  10. Leadership in project management
  11. Progress and performance measurement
  12. Project clousure and review of project life cycle
  13. Project auditing and termination
  14. Project: Tourism project in Bali
  15. Preparation
  16. Final Exam


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Exam Type:

Written Exam (60 min.)


30% Attendance, Discussions, Assignments
30% Midterm Exam
40% Final Exam

Disclaimer Statements:

Course content may vary from the outline to meet the needs of this particular group.

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