Getting around Bali and Asia

The most common means of transportation for students.

In addition to the daily drive to the university, there are many things and places to discover in Bali and Asia. For most rides in Bali, the scooter is the first choice for students. There are also other kinds of transport options which are getting more popular, such as GO-JEK or Grab. Off Bali, there are further ways to explore Asia or neighbouring islands, such as by plane, speedboats or ferries.

Exploring Bali

BE FLEXIBLE and enjoy convenience

GoBali Udayana University Transportation Scooter


Scooters and motorcycles are the most popular means of getting around Bali. Exchange students enjoy the freedom of setting their own schedule and not being dependent on public transportation. It is very affordable and lets you feel the Bali vibes while quickly navigating through the busy streets.



GO-JEK and Grab are application based motorbike or car taxis. Rates are amongst the cheapest in Asia, making it another convenient and safe way for going from A to B. If looking for a Taxi, Bluebird is the most reliable and most recommended. Their own application even allows you to set up your pick up time in advance.

Experiencing Asia

Expand your Bali adventure and discover more

GoBali Campus Distance Airport


Traveling by plane through Asia and Indonesia is very common. Low-cost airlines make this form of travel highly affordable and convenient. GoBali students often use the mid-term holidays to travel to attractive nearby countries. If there is still time after the studies, it is a great opportunity to extend the stay in Asia and travel before heading back home.

GoBali Udayana University Transportation Boat


As Indonesia has around 17.800 islands, traveling by boat at some point is a must. The Gili islands and Gili Lembongan are very famous amongst students. Those islands are only accessible by boat. Therefore most of the students are experiencing rides with one of the many speedboats or even choose a real adventure with the rather traditional ferries.

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