Marketing Management








The principal aim of marketing management is to enable postgraduate students to improve their managerial effectiveness in the field of marketing. The theory and application of strategic marketing management and current issues in a local and global context will be provided to the students.

Learning Objectives:

The course has been designed to postgraduate in the main disciplines of marketing management. Postgraduate students will learn the theories and applications of marketing management including analysis, planning and also develop their ability to evaluate marketing management in practice.

Weekly Topics:

  1. Marketing research insights
  2. International trade
  3. Consumer behaviour
  4. Product and brand management
  5. Distribution and price management
  6. International campaign and media strategy
  7. Culture differences
  8. Globalization competition
  9. Marketing communication
  10. Marketing creativity and innovation
  11. Digital marketing
  12. Strategic marketing in an international context
  13. Qualitative analysis for marketing management
  14. Quantitative analysis for marketing management
  15. Preparation
  16. Final Exam


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Exam Type:

Written Exam (60 min.)


30% Attendance, Discussions, Assignments
30% Midterm Exam
40% Final Exam

Disclaimer Statements:

Course content may vary from the outline to meet the needs of this particular group.

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