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Can I apply without a valid passport?

Yes, you can apply first with your ID card and send us your passport once you have it.

Can I switch to early fly option?

You can still go for the early fly option until the end of the registration period. The fee for early fly option is 19 €. If you have already paid the tuition fees, then you need to pay the extra 19 € after consulting with us.

Can you provide me a temporary letter of enrollment?

The Udayana University does not issue provisional certificates. You get your letter of enrolled at, depending on the option selected, 6-8 or 10-12 weeks before classes begin.

Do you help students finding accommodation?

We do not directly help in finding accommodation. We have partners who are specialized in finding student accommodation.

Can I choose courses from a different concentration , too?

No, you can only visit the courses from your concentration.

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