GoBali Udayana University Visa Warning
GoBali Udayana University Visa Warning

No program cancellations


Even during the Coronavirus crisis, all GoBali programs take place with due regard to local regulations and security measures. In the following you will find all important information about possible changes according to the situation.

GoBali Udayana University Visa Warning

General information


Fortunately, Bali was largely spared by the Coronavirus. To date there is only a small number of cases in relation to the number of inhabitants and these are steadily decreasing. During the pandemic Bali became a safe haven for more than 10.000 tourists who decided to stay here or come here before the boarders closed. Thanks to the contribution of all people in Bali and well executed health protocols, life in Bali was and is pretty much normal without any restrictions or lockdowns. You can go everywhere, meet friends and socialize.

Summer & Winter Semester 2022


Both summer and winter semester 2022 are planned to hold the lectures and exams online. Depending on the situation the university might offer offline classes in addition to online classes for students who will be in Bali. This gives maximum flexibility for students because they can study from anywhere. Decisions about teaching procedures are made by the central government and can be announced on a short notice, depending on the situation and cases in Bali until then. Field trips, activities and events are still planned to take place as usual. Regular university operations will follow strict safety and hygiene protocols to ensure the safety of the students.


Due to the current COVID situation and the uncertainty about the future development there might be two options, on how the preparation process will look like, depending on the decision of the Indonesian government.

Option 1 – Social Visa: The Indonesian government decides to open its borders for mass tourism and students before February.

You will be able to apply for a social visa or student visa as described on this page. You will receive your sponsor letter as soon as the University receives the OK from the education ministry to release it, depending on the boarder opening date. This might be 8-4 weeks before the semester start.

Option 2 (Plan B) – Business Visa: The Indonesian government decides not to open its borders for mass tourism and students before February.

You will be able to travel to Bali with a single entry Business Visa. This visa process can be initiated with the help of a local visa agent in Bali, who will help with this process by providing a business sponsor and initiating required processes. The Udayana University can not be a sponsor in this case!


Please be in any case prepared that there might remain high health standards which may require additional documents, statements or negative covid tests.


Don’t miss your chance for a semester abroad in Bali – whether online or offline. Being in Bali and studying online will give you even more freedom while enjoying Bali’s amazing culture. 
You can wait as long as possible for the boarders to open and then come the regular way or if you don’t like to wait, use the business visa option and already enjoy Bali before the semester start.

Important Note: All Information given by Go Abroad Study Programs (GASP) about and during the Pandemic is based on the latest official announcements of the Indonesian government and without any guarantee. Keep in mind that in this situation changes can be announced by the Indonesian government on a short notice and without any prediction and GASP and Udayana University (UNUD) can not influence this in any way and have to follow the laws and regulations by the Indonesian government. GASP and UNUD are trying their best to forward the Information as fast as possible but there might be delays due to the work from home order, working hours, public holidays or processing times.

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