Since the start in 2012, GoBali has many satisfied students who have spent an unforgettable semester abroad.
Read here about their impressions.

“Bali is a very exciting island with a lot of beautiful places.”

WS 2014

“If you come here to stay for one semester abroad it will be a great experience. The island is amazing, people are friendly and have a great culture. I enjoy every second.”

WS 2014

“In detail, this is one of the most adventurous things I have experienced in my life.”

WS 2014

“I don’t have enough time and space here to tell you all the stories, that we experienced. But I can just say that we had a very adventurous time.”

WS 2014

“This was a very spiritual and interesting experience.”

WS 2014

“If you ever get the chance – take it.”

WS 2014

“Home away from home.”

SS 2013

“Saying goodbye to Bali is hard, the beautiful experiences cannot be put into words or pictures.”

SS 2013

“The time in Bali was the best time of my life, thank you!“

SS 2014

„I will crave for the time I had there for a while.“

WS 2014

“I will miss those beautiful places, the people, the beaches, the hot weather, the beautiful sunsets….just everythiiiiing! It will be so strange to be back home.”

SS 2014

“Studying abroad was an incredibly important semester for me. Being away for that long from your comfort zone forces you to analyze yourself, which can be really difficult but you come out a better person. This experience made me a more independent and stronger person.”

SS 2013
“My opinion about my last semester is quiet simple. It was the best experience of my life.
In 5 months I have seen lots of impressive things starting from nature, cultural differences and of course, study in another continent.
Since my semester with GoBali I see things from a different point of view. The time I have spent abroad changed my personality positively.
Thank you to GoBali for the great time!”
SS 2014

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