Students’ Diary

Follow our students’ adventures while they study in Bali.

Daily posts about daily life.

Besides the university, the most interesting thing for future GoBali students is to get information about how the everyday life of students in Bali looks like.
What kind of adventures they experience, what you can do in Bali, where they go, what they like etc.
To get these first-hand information, we have each semester a students‘ diary. A group of seven students write posts every day to report about their experiences and discoveries.

Elephant Safari Park

Hi Everyone, as we told you last week, todas post will be all about the other attraction in Ubud. The Taro Elephant Safari Park.   We were pretty excited about the fact that we would see elephants, can feed and touch them. As we walked into the park we couldn’t really imagine how it would…


Island hopping part II

Hi everyone! I left beautiful Bali again to explore some new places. Me and my friend took a speedboat to Gili Trawangan on saturday morning and arrived there before noon. After we found a decent and reasonable priced accommodation, we rented some bikes and started biking around the small island, which only takes around 1…


Ubud Trip

Hello Everyone! It is our turn again this week and we want to tell you about our trip to Ubud. We have been to Ubud a few times now, as it is just one of our favourite places to go around here. Also, it is great when wanting show your visitors some wonderful places in…


Gillis and Ubud

Hello everyone! Like I told you last week I arrived on Gilli Trawangan on wednesday. On thursday we got our boat tickets to Gilli Air, which is close to Gilli Trawangan. Before we left, we rented bikes for two hours to explore the Island. Gilli Trawangan has one touristic main street at the “harbour” and…


Volcano tour

The semester break has started and most students are traveling within Indonesia or in Southeast-Asia. On the first days I did a volcano trekking tour to mount Batur. This is the smalles volcano in Bali with 1800 m. We started at 1 a.m. at night by minibus. They picked us up at two different locations…


Tanah Lot

Good evening everyone. As we have some girls to visit for two weeks we reserved some of the tourist stuff to do in these two weeks. One of these attractions was the Tanah Lot temple, which is a hindu temple not very far from where we live. Calculating the traffic, it took us around one…