Fees and Payments

Looking for a study destination that will offer high-quality education, low fees and a rich social life without breaching your budget? You’ve found it – Bali!

American, Brazilian, Chinese, Dutch, English, French or German doesn’t matter – GoBali has the same fees for every Student!

Udayana University believes that education to be fair and equal, should be accessible to all students. That is why the tuition fees for the GoBali program are calculated on the costs for running the program and these costs are the same for every student, local or international.

High-quality education don’t necessarily have to be expensive. We use your fees only for what they are meant for – for teaching! Bali is blessed with all year good weather, beautiful beaches and thousands of activities the island offers you. So we don’t need to take high fees to pay expensive facilities.

Fees and Payments | GoBali International Students

GoBali Fees

A simple and transparent fee structure.

Basic Fees


Application Fee

49 €

Tuition Fee

1989 €

Early Flyer Fee

19 €

Late Application Fee

49 €


Pay your fees online and get immediate feedback about your status.

myUNUD the easy way to pay

To pay your fees you simply need to login your myUNUD account. Your student account offers you simple, fast and cheap payment functions, just as you know them from most online shops. And you will get immediate feedback about your payment after you made it.


Fees and Payments | myUNUD Screenshot

Payment Methods

With our partner Western Union we are able to offer the worlds cheapest way to transfer international.
From your home bank to a local account in your home country.

Bank Transfer

Western Union is the cheapest international transfer provider for tuition fees in the world. You can simply transfer your tuition fee to a local bank account in your home country. This way you save the high charges for international transfers. Easy, fast, convenient and cheap, just log in to myUNUD.

Our recommended payment method.

Credit card

You can pay your fees easy and fast with all major credit cards (Visa, Master, American Express etc.). If you pay with credit card you will get an immediate feedback about your payment and status. Payments with credit card are plus charges for the payment service provider.


PayPal offers you a variety of payment methods. You can use your account balance, Debit Card or Credit Cards. It is fast, secure and gives you an immediate feedback about your payment and status. Payments with PayPal are plus the charges for the payment service provider.


You changed your mind? No problem!
Depending on when you cancel your application you can get up to 100% of your fee back*.

Until 8 Weeks Before

Cancelling your application until 31.1. for the summer semester and until 30.6. for the winter semester is completely free. You will get a full refund of your paid tuition fee.


8 to 4 Weeks Before

If your cancellation is made between 1.2. until 28.2. for the summer semester and between 1.7. until 31.7. for the winter semester, 50% of the tuition fee will be refunded.


4 Weeks or Less

If you cancel later than 1.3. for the summer semester or after 1.8. for the winter semester, no refund of the tuition fee is possible. Same if you break off your studies in Bali.


*  The student is responsible for 100% of the cancellation costs, these costs are deducted automatically from the refund. Cancellation costs of payment service providers are charged to the customer and also deducted automatically from the refund.