GoBali Ambassador Program

You are GoBali alumni, a student-to-be or just a fan of our program – then become a GoBali Ambassador and promote GoBali at your university.

About the GoBali Ambassador Program

If you are known by many people at your university, you have a good social network and lots of friends, then the GoBali Ambassador program could be something for you.
Whether you are a former student, a prospective student or a fan of the GoBali program, promote us at your university and get paid for it.

This is how it works

  • Send your application
  • We check whether there is already a GoBali ambassador at your university
  • You would be the only ambassador for your university
  • We will supply you with promotional material
  • You will be promoting the GoBali program and convince your fellow students to join the program
  • You can hold presentations and information events about the benefits of GoBali
  • You can represent GoBali at International days
  • You can write about GoBali in student newspapers etc.
  • All you can think of to convince students to apply, we will support you

Being a GoBali Ambassador is a good way to benefit from your experience in Bali or your enthusiasm for the GoBali program.
Just by sharing this enthusiasm for the GoBali Program and Bali you can earn money.

GoBali advertising pays off

Promote the GoBali program at your university and get rewarded with € 100 for each student who starts his studies in Bali, if he indicates your name in his application.
We pay you twice a year for your work. Payment dates are15th April and 15th September, shortly after the beginning of the semester for which you have advertised.
To keep overview of your promoted students you will receive automated emails after each application in which the student has mentioned your name and your email address.

Professional agencies

Professional agencies are also welcome, if they are interested to take the GoBali program into their portfolio. Please contact us by email.

Apply now and become the GoBali Ambassador for your University

If you want to be a GoBali Ambassador, then apply now!
Fill out the application form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Application Form

  • Personal Information

  • Status

  • Your University

  • What is your motivation to be a GoBali Ambassador?

  • Upload

  • Done!